--> divine angst: weather

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Last night, while I watched Scrubs (the best half hour of comedy on, by the way), the local weatherguy popped up at every commercial break to tell us that "we've got a cold front comin' in, in about 24 hours, so get ready!" Seriously, I heard the same phrase no fewer than eight times last night.

Well, that cold front is apparently coming in now. Mind you, "cold" is a bit of an extreme term for this wave of air; "cool" might be appropriate, though probably still stretching it a bit.

What is noticeable is the rain—buckets of water pouring down outside—and the definite increase in my itchy-throat level. I am supposed to go to choir tonight and had been debating showing up anyway. Methinks the weather gives me another excuse to beg off. (I can't really sing tonight anyway; four days in smoky Vegas left me with little vocal nuance besides a semi-sexy semi-rasp.)

It's just been a wretched-ish 24 hours for me—my grandfather had a TIA Monday night and may not be able to travel to our family reunion this weekend; last night after work, my car's battery decided that 18 months was a long enough life and I had to have it replaced this morning. I have no voice, it's raining, my office is (for the first time in seven months) hot, and I'm tired.

Not to whine or anything, because my bad day is certainly peanuts compared to almost anyone else's bad day. I just don't feel particularly up to being around people tonight, especially when I likely won't have much to do but sit and listen.