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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Today, I feel the need to talk about myself. I also like it when someone has an "about me" post. So here's mine. I think I'll divide into bits about me that are interesting.

First, though, the basics: I am in my mid-to-late-twenties, married, and employed as a web writer for a large educational institution. I have no kids or pets but I do have a mint plant that I have successfully avoided killing for three years now.

Now, onto the interesting tidbits.

I had a weird double major. I majored in Religion and Theatre. A lot of people seem to think this means I should go into some sort of ministry. Much like a girl I knew with a Music and Psychology double-major, I did not major in those two things so I could combine them in some new and different way—I just liked the subjects. Also, I don't really want to be in ministry. I go to church, and even sing in my church choir. But I think ministry requires a certain comfortableness with one's personal doubt, and I'm not really there.

I once held four jobs at the same time. This sounds worse than it is, but at one point, I worked a forty-hour job, picked up 10 retail hours on the weekend, was on contract as a set designer putting in another 8 hours a week, and was directing a friend's play, having rehearsals two nights a week for three hours each night. It was fun, but I also had very few friends at the time—the playwright mentioned above, and my roommate, who was also my retail manager. Thus, I didn't really miss the social life I didn't have.

Along those lines, here's a list of jobs I've had:
Camp counselor
Arts and crafts director
Library drudge
Dormitory computer expert
Computer lab help person
Project Manager for a waste management company
Admininstrative Assistant/Associate (secretary), public sector
Program Coordinator, public sector
Freelance graphic designer
Freelance set designer
Web writer

I went to Catholic school for twelve years. In fact, I've never attended a public school, unless you count the class I took at [Big Unnamed State University] for fun last year. If it doesn't count for LSAC, it doesn't count, right?

I love college football. College football is always exciting and fun, more so than professional football. I have season tickets to [Big Unnamed University] football—me and my husband, and about eight of our friends. And my dad and several other relatives. We're all big fans. Maybe we'll go to a good bowl game this year.

I have eight siblings, in various forms of step, half, and full.

I used to paint a lot, and one of my mother's favorite pictures is one I painted.

I also used to write a fair amount of poetry, but none of it was any good.

I have never attempted to write a short story, because I can never come up with a plot.

I did, however, once create a solo performance piece loosely based on a childhood experience. It got good reactions, and I used it for my senior comprehensive exam oral component.

I had to teach myself to cook so that I could eat when I got my first apartment. My mom didn't cook much, and I never picked up the art of it. So when I graduated college, I couldn't make much more than mac and cheese from the box. My roommate knew a little more than I did, but not much—we depended on her mom to send us easy-to-make recipes. Flash forward five years: I make a killer Hollandaise and she's in culinary school. Moral: everyone can learn to cook.

My husband is a full 14 (fourteen) inches taller than me. That makes me somewhat shorter than average and him somewhat taller than average. I am, in fact, the shortest full-grown woman in my family—including cousins, aunts, and sisters. I am even shorter than my mother. My youngest stepsister is only three inches away from being taller than me, so soon I will be just the shortest woman, no qualification, in my family. I complain about being short, but it's often a case of this lady protesting too much. There's a certain "caché" to being petite.

So there we go.

Oh, and I want to go to law school.