--> divine angst: aggregation

Thursday, August 19, 2004


I finally found it.

I've been digging around the last few weeks for a news aggregator that I liked. I thought I wanted a desktop application, but the ones I tried were difficult to use and not usually free. I thought about a web-based one, but I hadn't seen a good one.

And then I found bloglines. Ooooh, I love it. Really. Seriously. Honestly. LOVE IT. Now, instead of randomly checking my blogroll every day, throughout the day, hoping someone has updated, I just check the notifier on my Dock. It shows me how many new posts are up in a pretty red oval, just like Mail. Happy me.

Oddly, I just found bloglines yesterday, and I found it on my own, via a Google search. After I'd set up my subscriptions, I read this advice on blogging by Scheherazade; and then another post on blogrolls by Slithery D.

I kind of wish I'd read either of these posts a few weeks ago, when I was pulling out my hair in frustration while trying to find a good aggregator. Meh.

Use an aggregator. It will make your life easier, I promise.