--> divine angst: Study

Friday, August 13, 2004


This week, I seem to have lost the will to study. I had to give myself some time off last weekend, considering I was drugged to the hilt and couldn't think straight, but my mind somehow hasn't grasped that the vacation is over. I'm having trouble getting motivated.

Meanwhile, I've discovered that I do best with games when I've "warmed up" a bit. I bought Kaplan LSAT 180 and I'm getting through the games, just not quickly. I am enjoying them, though—which has to be a good sign. And when I've done two or three, I feel nicely prepared to tackle more.

So, perhaps I'll need to get up super-early the morning of the LSAT and do a couple of brainteasers and games just to get my gray matter moving. I hate getting up early.