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Monday, August 02, 2004

my anal-retentive inner overachiever

In order to satisfy that inner beast of mine, I have established a lovely Excel spreadsheet schedule of LSAT study. In doing so, I discovered that my frugal resistance to buying all three sets of previously administered LSATs is a problem. I bought two. I really need the third one to have enough tests to study.

I have exactly (from today!) two months to beat Logic Games into submission, and relearn what I thought was an innate ability to be stress-free during timed, standardized exams.

Many thanks to engilaw and janine for their criticisms of the LGBible. I have tried to ignore the timing warnings—much like I've refused to learn their handy trademarked names for game categories—but apparently some of it seeped into the gray matter. It's time to begin a course of innoculation.

This week, I begin working logic games sections, untimed. My husband will time me only to see how long it takes me to get through one without any pressure. Next week, if I feel up to it, I start working backwards towards the 35 minute mark. I plan to break the monotony of games by also reviewing logical reasoning, which I have no real problem with, but no point in not trying to increase my performance there, and reading comprehension, which I have no problem with, unless the passage is absolutely nonsensical (as was one in last weekend's test, urgh).

And I am working on my personal statement. Having lunch tomorrow with a lawyer my writing prof had as a student many years ago—he thinks we have similar sensibilities, and that I could gain much from chatting with her. Maybe I'll gain some profound insight from speaking with her. Maybe I'll just stop fretting about things so much.