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Saturday, July 31, 2004


I consider myself a good test taker. I've always done well on standardized tests.

So today I took my second, timed, full-length practice LSAT. I even added a bogus section from another test to simulate the actual length of the thing. I've been working my butt off on Logic Games.

I freaked out about my time and BOMBED the Logic Games section. Again. Not as badly, true, but I did not do well. I went back, looked at the questions I got wrong, and discovered that I made stupid mistakes on every single one. And I know it was because I freaked out about the time thing! I couldn't stop looking at my timer. This has never happened to me.

I blame the Logic Games bible. Yes, it totally helped me figure out diagramming and game strategies, but it has this obscene emphasis on how much time you can devote to each game. "8 minutes, 45 seconds for each game and you can do all of them! If you are taking more time than that, you won't have as much to do the other games. Monitor your time carefully!"

Well, shit. No wonder. I didn't freak about time in any of the other sections, and why? Because I wasn't stressed over spending "exactly 2 minutes, 17 seconds on each two-question scenario, and less than 1 minute 22 seconds on the others." (I made those numbers up. The LG Bible's numbers seem almost as arbitrary.)