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Friday, August 06, 2004

taking care of things now

I had my wisdom teeth out today. I had an eye exam last week. I am fully prepared to have any other major medical and dental work needed done within the next twelve months while I still have good insurance. My medical insurance is so good that they covered my wisdom teeth, since they were "complete bony impactions." This rocks. Unfortunately, I had to get a special referral for it, so I have to wait for a reimbursement for at least a portion of the cost from the oral surgeon, once his office submits the claim. Hopefully it will be quick.

Meanwhile, my husband has discovered a really excellent grad program for him in Boston. I planned to apply to Harvard anyway, just for a lark, but now I'll probably consider BU, BC, and Northeastern as a sort-of safety, also. Likewise, NC State seems to have a good program for him, so add UNC and Duke to that list. The Research Triangle could be a good location, since my in-laws are there, and we could have lots of good, free meals, as well as the possibility of child care at some point. Husband isn't so jazzed about the Triangle for that very reason—his parents moved there, and since then, his brother and his wife have also. Husband seems to think moving there would be a sort of capitulation. It confuses me sometimes, but I'm pretty willing to go anywhere as long as there's a good law school nearby, so I don't let it get to me.

My list of eight has now grown to thirteen. I'm going to have to wait to decide on some of these until I get my LSAT back and can see if I qualify for any fee waivers. I'm not sure I can afford to apply out of pocket to thirteen law schools. I'm also not sure that applying to thirteen isn't bad luck, which means I might need to add another just to get a better total. (After all, fourteen is twice seven, and seven is a very mystical number, as well as being a prime. Just go read the Bible if you don't believe the first assertion. Seven is HUGE in Revelation. And we all remember that movie, Se7en. Creepy.)