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Monday, August 16, 2004

Getting better...

Took another practice LSAT this weekend, fully timed with a "bonus" section for stamina purposes.

I must be getting better, because I got 16 games questions right, compared to 7 and 11 on previous timed tests. I would have gotten more, but I spent way too much time on a grouping game (those get me every time) and didn't have time to finish the last game. The benefit is that I now know that grouping games are, in fact, my games bane. I'll be reviewing the LG Bible for help on those this week. And I'll be reviewing conditional logic, since that's what seems to really trip me up. Blargh.

One final note: If I were to score on the actual LSAT as I did on this last practice test, I would be happy. Not ecstatic—my top-choice schools would still definitely be reaches—but I'd be happy. If, however, I could raise my score by, say, three points, I'd be overjoyed.

Finally, I know a woman who scored a 170 on the LSAT and once she did, she "knew" she'd get into Harvard. How? From everything I can tell, even a 4.0 and a 170 isn't a lock for any of the top three schools. :::head shaking:::