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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Oh goodnesss gracious me-oh-my...I just finished typing up my mental outline for my "new" personal statement. This one is SO MUCH BETTER than everything else I've written down so far. I cut the negativity and removed the "identity crisis" theme. I introduced a bit of my slightly odd upbringing, my quirky, artistic tendencies, and really punched up my deep, overwhelming need to write all the damn time.

Yes indeedy, my confidence has been boosted by about 200 percent. You see, not only did my words come out cleanly and clearly and with a definite focus and direction, but I also did an LSAT games section tonight, properly timed at 35 minutes only, and I got 16 out of 24 correct. In fact, I finished all but three questions. This means that I only missed five questions out of stupidity. Those are numbers I can deal with, particularly when you consider those numbers are about the same as my numbers taking 40 minutes to do a section. I. e., I've reduced my time but not reduced my performance. Now I can focus on speeding up and getting some of those trickier missed inferences.

Oh, and I ROCKED the grouping game on that particular section. Obviously, the study I've been doing on conditional logic is having a positive impact.

::::::big sigh::::::

I feel so much better. Life is good. Law school is on the horizon. All is well.