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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

crap crap crap

I just found out that [Big Unnamed State University] is holding a law fair TODAY from 45 minutes ago until 3 pm.

So the great debate is, do I try to go? It's a hassle to go down there and park, and I'm not sure what I'd do besides walk around and grab marketing materials from booths. My time would also be limited to my lunch hour, which means, given 10-15 minutes for travel in either direction, I'd have roughly 30 minutes of actually being at the thing.

Still, I feel I should go, if only to get a feel for some of the schools I'm looking at, for their personalities.


Update: I went. I grabbed some marketing materials, asked the guy from Northwestern about the interview thing (getting to Chicago=hard), and chatted with the guy from Chicago about quality of life issues. Georgetown wasn't there; GW lady was swamped, so my questions about the commute between Baltimore and DC will have to wait.