--> divine angst: transcript nightmare

Monday, October 04, 2004

transcript nightmare

I have been religiously checking my LSDAS status online lately, since I (finally) requested transcripts from two schools I attended post-bachelor's. My academic summary won't be complete until these transcripts are received and processed, and I am eager to have that part of LSDAS out of the way.

I ordered these two transcripts on the same day—September 22. One of them has been received and processed. The other hasn't even been received. So I called that school this morning, since my check has cleared and they obviously have to have done something about the transcript.

Yes, they say, we sent it, to the address on the transcript request form, and we sent it on the 22nd.

But, then, why has LSAC not received it yet? What is the delay? This is holding up things, at least partially because, when I signed up for LSDAS, I listed the courses taken at these two schools as "undergraduate" because they were undergraduate level. Apparently, LSAC counts them as "graduate" because they were completed post-bachelor's degree.

So my little mistake is what is really holding up my academic summary—if LSAC knew the courses were post-bachelor's, they would have created my academic summary already, and I wouldn't be worried about what will happen if they don't receive this transcript before I am ready to start sending applications.

Argh. All signs point to me having to write another check, fill out another transcript request form, and this time pay for FedExing so I know the thing will be received. I suspect the original transcript was sent to the wrong address or something similar, and just hasn't been returned yet.