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Friday, September 24, 2004

Mildly shocking

In today's Straight Dope column, Cecil Adams writes two things I don't thing I've ever read from him before: a small bit of profanity (mild: "son of a bitch") and a psuedo-extreme sexual reference ("Does he give great head?").

It was the latter, which comes first in the column, actually, that caused my jaw to drop open. I know that The Straight Dope is published in lots of papers—mostly of the free, alternative variety—but still, it's published in many papers. The phrase "give great head" is not one I ever would expect to see in a newspaper of any stripe.

I'm not saying I'm offended—in fact, I think it's hilarious, particularly in the context of the response (yet another reason to eschew vegetarianism, particularly the vegan variety)—I'm just a little astounded.

There's your thought for the day.