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Monday, September 20, 2004


I'm not generally very good at reviews, but I recently enjoyed two movies and a novel that I'll share some general comments on.

First—and I admit it's a little out of date, but I didn't really make it out for the summer movie season—we rented 50 First Dates this weekend. I should preface by saying that, in general, I can only take so much Adam Sandler. He's funny and endearing and all that, but often the humor gets to be a little too much. Still, this was a cute movie—a good rental, in fact. Sweet and charming, and there were some damn funny lines, one in particular delivered perfectly by Dan Ackroyd. (Who is another comedian I can usually only take so much of. Thank goodness he seems lately to be restricting himself to small, juicy roles.)

Second movie: Hero. We saw this last night at the local have-dinner-while-you-watch-the-movie movie theater. (We had some free tickets and a buy-one-get-one free dinner coupon. A cheap evening!) OK, I like kung fu movies. I loved Crouching Tiger. I don't really have an opinion on Jet Li, but he's certainly talented. My one beef with this film was that it seemed like a flim version of a story that might have been recounted by one of the main characters in Crouching Tiger. (Or, even, with a stretch, Kill Bill.) It hardly seemed worth a whole movie. Very symbolic throughout, though, with some beautiful cinematography. I'm glad we didn't pay regular movie prices for it, but it was nice to see on the big screen.

Lastly, the novel: The Time-Traveler's Wife. I am only 3/4 of the way through this book and I already have the feeling that I may cry at the end. I have a sinking suspicion that, while it may not have an unhappy ending, it probably won't end with sweetness and light. But it's marvelous, nonetheless. The writing is really excellent, particularly the author's use of dialog. I am eating the book up, far too quickly, really, since I just started it Saturday afternoon, and I wish I weren't almost done with it. I'll probably reread it.

So there are my opinions on three things, and, if you think about it, a brief recap of my weekend.