--> divine angst: evacuation

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


My best friend, who just started culinary school in south Louisiana, is evacuating.

She just moved into her new apartment this past weekend—her landlord needed an extra week or so to get it ready for her. She called bright and early yesterday morning to set up her renter's insurance and was told, "No. It's too late for you to get insurance."

Honestly, this sucks for her. I have no doubt that there are unscrupulous people who would forgo insurance until a natural disaster was impending. L., however, is legitimately in need of renter's insurance for the next two years. And she can't get it right now because of that damn hurricane.

So, think many happy thoughts for my friend L. and all of her furniture and clothing. She and her computer will be weathering in Baton Rouge.