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Monday, September 13, 2004

I'm a bad blogger...

...but this weekend was my birthday (YES, the whole weekend) so i took some time off from life.

Friday I went to happy hour AND I went out late with friends; Saturday I rode rollercoasters, ate fine food and drank fine wine at dinner, and then watched a very nervewracking college football game; Sunday, I fulfilled my choir obligations, watched TV, and finished a book. I did not: (1) study for the LSAT, (2) clean my house, or (3) feel guilty about my slacking off.

I've gotten several very nice cards and emails from family and friends, including one from my sister-in-law, who is a Harvard Law grad and a lawyer, which was full of LSAT encouragement. What a delightful birthday present—really! It was very thoughtful of her.

Note: One of my coworkers just brought me a lovely plant for my birthday—potted pink daisies. The coolest thing about this plant is that one of the flowers is conjoined! The stem itself is thicker than normal, and the flower has two centers that are sort of joined with petals springing out at weird angles. It's a Siamese flower! It's so weird it's terribly cool. I like it.

Update: Oh my gosh! It's not two joined flowerheads on a single stem, it's THREE. Wow!