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Friday, September 10, 2004

law law law lah dee dah dee daw

LSAT study continues to go well. Which gives me ever-fewer excuses to not work on my personal statement.

Also, many people around my office know I am planning to apply to law school. My boss does not. In fact, he might be about the only person who doesn't. (OK, that's not true. The people that know are in positions lateral to mine. No one above us really knows.) I would kind of like an LOR from my boss, since he continually tells me how impressed he is by my work, and I'm pretty sure that his English Ph.D means it wouldn't be incoherent. But I haven't told him I am applying to law school.

What is the best way to approach this? I've only been here six or so months, after all—and I'd be telling him I'm planning to leave in less than a year. I'm not sure how he'll take it or whether it will affect the rest of my time here.

Update: BTW, I'm not concerned about being fired, for various reasons. I just don't want to cause animosity.