--> divine angst: turning of the leaves

Friday, September 03, 2004

turning of the leaves

Scheherazade has a new post about the onset of fall.

I miss fall greatly. My undergrad institution was located in a place where September has a chilly bite in the morning and leaves actually change color. Many of my favorite memories are of walking alone through one of the many green areas on campus, meandering through the snow-weighted evergreens. Or bundling into fleece and wool for the three minute trek to the dining hall.

Here, the weather has been a tad unusual for September—it actually is chilly this morning, which thrills me. I know, though, that the chill will burn off quickly, leaving only a blazing sun behind. September is hot here, and always has been. The days are not truly cool until November, and the leaves do not turn colors; they just wither and drop from the trees. And while I love this city I live in and this state I am from, I miss fall deeply.