--> divine angst: a taste of the future

Sunday, August 29, 2004

a taste of the future

Mr. Angst is taking some classes this semester (and next, for that matter) at the local community college—primarily math and programming classes to fulfill prerequisites for the masters programs he's looking at.

He's only been in class a week, and I hate it. Not that he's in class, and not even that he's in class relatively late most nights of the week. We're pretty good at squeezing in what time we can, when we can.

No, I'm hating the disruption. Suddenly my schedule is all out of whack. Usually, we eat dinner together almost every night of the week; now, he's eating out three nights a week, and I'm left to either cook for one (blech) or scavenge what leftovers there may be. Or eat a sandwich (double blech). When he gets home, he has homework to do—which is also fine, as watching him work encourages me to study for the LSAT and work on my personal statement—but the added tasks mean we go to bed later and more tired, and that makes getting up early enough to do productive things before work even harder.

I know that, next year, we'll be dealing with the same kind of upheaval and I'm not looking forward to it.

The things I am looking forward to: having something more to do in the evenings and on the weekends than household chores (I much prefer studying to housework). Reasons to actually get research done in preparation for writing. Lots of extra reasons not to watch TV more than I should (I often put it on just for the white noise, and find myself sucked into shows I have no real interest in). Using my brain. Being in school.