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Saturday, August 28, 2004

I had a very bizarre dream last night. I don't entirely remember the whole thing, but the main gist of it was that I had, somehow, committed a crime—or had been present during the commission of a crime—and then, in self-defense, I had to shoot someone.

[This, in itself, is weird, because I despise guns.]

Then I was having to get ready to go to jail, and cleaning out my father's Cadillac, which he hasn't owned in five years and which, apparently, I had been using as an escape vehicle. And everyone was being very nice to me, helping me clean out the car so they could then take me away to jail. Then, in my dream, it finally hit me: Oh no! I'm going to jail! And, then, I thought, Now I'll never get to go to law school! THAT made me cry. And I cried for a while.

So everyone tried to comfort me, saying things like, Oh, you'll just have to explain things to the bar, but you can still be a lawyer, it'll be OK, it really will... And I thought, Oh yes, I'm still going to go to law school. Oh my gosh, I can write the BEST personal statement about this!

"I stood, gun in hand, not knowing what I had done, but sure that I could never be a lawyer now, not after I'd killed a man..."

Oh yeah. Law school, here I come.