--> divine angst: the time wasn't right

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

the time wasn't right

I sat down last night and started a new draft of a new personal statement.

This time, I think I got it right.

As a sign that I wasn't meant to write it before now, the first sentence that appeared on my screen related to something that happened to me last weekend.

Finally, finally, I have gotten past the need to explain myself, to almost apologize for not "getting it" until now. And I found the words to express what's really been going on in my overheated brain. I even found a structure that works really well for what I'm trying to say.

In other words, I'm glad I walked away from the damn thing for close to a month. It helped. Of course, this is a lesson I've learned a million times before: walk away from your writing when you can't see it clearly anymore. Distance=perspective.

I think this is going to be a good month.