--> divine angst: The first day of the rest of the fall

Monday, October 04, 2004

The first day of the rest of the fall

So here I am, back at work, realizing that I don't have to go to the local coffeehouse this evening to run through practice LSAT sections. I have errands to run, and I can actually run them without feeling like a slacker. I have a personal statement to finish, and now I have time to work on it.

Oddly, I found I could not study effectively for the LSAT at home, but I find I can't really write effectively anywhere BUT home (and work, but my work computer and my home computer are corrollaries, really). So tonight, I'll go home and pound away at the ol' personal statement. I'm on draft 2.x and my continuity needs some serious work. Transitions, really.

I wish I could write my statement as a series of lists, since, as Ambivalent Imbroglio so correctly states, "Lists make it easy to jump from topic to topic w/out transitions or excuses or explanations." That is exactly what I need in my statement—an easy way to present a bunch of information without needing to do any explaning or transitioning, or, well, any real writing. ::::sigh:::: I usually like writing, but this personal statement thing may convince me I don't.