--> divine angst: thank GOD the LSAT is over

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

thank GOD the LSAT is over

Last night I had the time and energy to clean my house. Not the whole thing, but lots of it. I produced three bags of garbage, scrubbed the bathtub and two toilets, and blazed through three loads of laundry. I did some other stuff, too.

I looked around at my life yesterday and realized that the LSAT had turned me into a grubby, grouchy, messy mess of a woman. I didn't realize it while it was going on, but upon reflection, I see how gross I let things get while I studied. I've said it beforeā€”I am a good test taker. But something about the enormity of the LSAT, the "this affects the direction of your whole second career because it determines where you get into law school and where you get into law school determines how seriously people take you when you want to do XYZ with your JD" just turned me into a slobbering, anxiety-ridden mess.

Oh, not really. But close. I had just enough mental capacity to come to work and do my job and then go study for the LSAT. No room for cleaning. No room for personal productivity. I haven't had my hair cut in months. I've been avoiding looking at my roots because I know I need a touchup on my color, but I haven't really felt "up to" going to the salon. I need a manicure and a massage. I need to read some more good fiction. I need to not waste hours in front of the TV because I can't remember what else I'm supposed to be doing.

I haven't been able to do those things for about two months now. But...IT'S OVER! Hallelujah, rock the world, praise to [deity]! Last night's cleaning frenzy was the beginning of my personal renewal, I think. I hope.

So the next act of personal celebration and victory will be a long-planned vacation this weekend to Las Vegas. It's been nice knowing, as I buried myself in the LSAT, that I had this break planned. Four days in the City of Sin. :::sigh::: What a delightful prospect.