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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

gimme some pros and cons

Here's my question:

Is the LSACD on the Web worth the money and the hassle?

The cost is $54, which isn't high and I can afford it. But it only works on PCs, and I have a Mac at work and a Mac at home. I do not have VirtualPC. But we also have PCs at home—three at last count, plus a laptop. So I could work on my apps at home on one of those machines. But that's inconvenient to me and to my husband, who is usually on at least two of those machines in the evening.

Those of you who've used the service, how much time would you say it saved you? What information ends up being universal? How much other information did you have to fill in for each individual application?

Because if the only things that carry over across the board are the basics, like name, address, and phone, it's probably not worth the money OR hassle for me since I'll have to fill in all the other information for each application anyway—and I'd have to do this on a PC. Most of the schools I'm applying to have electronic applications, so it's not like I'm filling in anything by hand.

Tell me what you think.