--> divine angst: mint

Thursday, October 14, 2004


My mint plant LOVES this weather change. It's bursting with new greenery all over the place! Apparently, it didn't like the hot summer on the patio, which is too bad, because hot summer is the best time to enjoy drinks made with mint—juleps and mojitos.

As for the rest of my plants...well, Basil is dead; Sage is dead and the leaves look like dried-up dead spiders, so I'm going to have to unpot it soon before it really grosses me out; Rosemary has managed to survive whatever pest decided it was the most delicious plant ever and is putting out new shoots; and Italian Parsley is exploding with big new leaves.

So, 4 (or 3-1/2 because Rosemary is still questionable) out of 6. Not bad for a woman who inherited a black thumb from her mother.

If they make it through this winter (if I don't neglect them too much, in other words), I may even get to take them to law school with me. That would be nice—some continuity.