--> divine angst: It's a new day

Thursday, October 14, 2004

It's a new day

I went to choir last night, and it wasn't awful. It was actually kind of nice—I had the chance to hear the music and learn some notes I wasn't catching while surrounded by the rest of my section.

The weather has cleared up—it's sunny and crisp outside, and I love it.

No news on my grandfather, but word is he feels great. Tests are today.

I've been bad about getting to the gym and consequently feel sort of flabby and soft today, but I often feel flabby and soft, and can usually put bad body-image issues away when everything else is going well.

So. There you have it. Today is a new day. I have a project at work I'm about to finish up, then I'll move on to a couple of minor tasks that will keep me busy but won't be stressful. I'm kind of looking forward to them.

My brother arrives this evening for our family reunion, and everyone else will pour in tomorrow. I'm very excited to see my family; it's been too long. We're all just hoping our grandparents can make it in, too.