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Friday, October 15, 2004

family angst

One of the benefits of living in the city where one's family reunion is to be held is not having to travel to that city. I really like that I don't have to rush out of work this afternoon, run home and grab suitcases, and then drive somewhere to stay in a hotel room.

But living in the city where one's family reunion is to be held has drawbacks, too. Note the five phone calls I've gotten this week, asking me to, variously:

order and pick up 72 pieces of fried chicken for dinner tonight
bring my crockpot
bring my food processor
give directions to a grocery store near the reunion hotel, and
offer up our spare bedroom for one night for a relative who doesn't leave till Monday

Phbt. So rather than rushing out of the office to get home and grab suitcases and road trip, I will instead rush out of the office to get home, grab two kitchen appliances (and some beer and wine for Mr. Angst and me), then rush to KFC to pick up five 14-piece orders of "all dark meat, please," shove it into the trunk so my car doesn't smell like grease for a year, and speed over to the reunion hotel with everyone's food.

I love my family. But sometimes I regret being the only one who lives here.