--> divine angst: end of the weekend

Sunday, October 17, 2004

end of the weekend

This was weekend two in my October marathon-of-fun. Last weekend was Vegas, this weekend was the big family reunion (see below), and next weekend is my five-year college reunion. Mr. Angst has never been to my alma mater, and I am excited to take him there. It's a unique place.

In any case, I think October will probably prove to be a posting-light month, when I revisit the archives next year. Part, of course, will be the travel and family commitments; the other part will be the three weeks of waiting between taking the LSAT and receving my score. I do have other things to work on—notably, a packet of information one of my recommendation writers has requested. (I like that he has such delineated requirements, as, once I've completed his list of requirements, I can pass along parts of it to other recommenders.)

But I'm not really focusing on that stuff. I want my applications out by Thanksgiving, and that's a doable date, so I just haven't been able to motivate myself to be too hard-core about them. I dread becoming one of those people on the pre-law discussion boards who stress because it's the third week of October and they haven't sent stuff in yet! Gasp!

I do understand the importance of getting apps in relatively early; I just think the sample of pre-laws on the boards is skewed to the anal-rententively obsessive-compulsive. When I talk to other, more sane, 0Ls, the ones who tend not to post on some of the boards, I get a more balanced perspective. Face it—there are a lot of applicants who are still undergrads, and many of them will wait for fall-semester grades. I can relax, take my time, make sure my apps are complete and accurate and as perfect as possible—and still get everything in before the holidays.

So. October is the month of waiting, reviewing, preparing, and relaxing. Once my apps are in, I'll be working on financial aid apps. Having received lots of financial aid in undergraduate, I think I'm likely to be much more freaked out about getting my FAFSA in.

And the next five days are going to be murder. (And if LSAT scores aren't reported Friday, I might lose my mind. I know, they're not officially due till Monday, but I hear they always come early. I want them to come early, so I can crow at my reunion! Or, alternatively, drink heavily and commiserate with old, good, friends.)