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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

data collection

After realizing I needed my exact class rank, and realizing that it was not noted on my transcript, I had to have my alma mater send me that information. It arrived last night.

I am pleased to say that my rank, percentage-wise, was better than I had thought, though the actual number was one (1) place lower. In other words, I almost had it right. (This is pretty good, considering I calculated my rank based solely on how many other people received a certain GPA distinction in my class, and put myself at the bottom of that number.)

So tonight I think I'll go back in and polish up those applications, tweak the information where necessary, and perhaps (!) send off my top choice apps. No reason not to, right? Still need to check that letter of recommendation thing, to make sure I can put a "hold" on letters that I don't want to have sent first.