--> divine angst: holidays

Friday, October 29, 2004


Although Halloween is not by far one of my favorite holidays, I like it because it signals the nearness of turkeys and reindeer (thanks, Janine).

I LOVE Thanksgiving; but I REALLY love Christmas. This will be my first married Christmas and I plan to do the house up good. I will also decorate my portion of my triple-occupancy office. I will bake yummy-smelling foods and light holiday-scented candles. I am already planning this, and Christmas is two months away.

But between now and then, I have three big things to accomplish:
  1. Finish my law school applications

  2. Get the gift thing out of the way (bought or baked)

  3. Design, lay-out, print, and mail my grandmother's Christmas letter (This is a chore I have not written about before, but it's really time-consuming. Essentially, it consists of photos of our entire family with little captions, and it makes sense for me to do it since I'm a graphic designer, and I am family and free and my grandmother was getting robbed by the print shop that had been doing it all for her. But this year I have seriously fallen behind in my picture-gathering duties. I'm probably not going to post about it because I am terrified of how behind I am.)

Law school apps get the first three weeks. Then the newsletter will consume meā€”this is good as it will keep me from fretting all December about law school applications. Baking and buying will likely be done last-minute, if I know myself.