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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Please excuse my vitriol. I rescued my gone-missing post from my feed.

Of course, it doesn't change the fact that Blogger lost my post. Still, I should be a little less nasty. It's the kind of thing I'd resolve to do for Lent if that were coming up. It's not, though, so I just have to make a little effort to be less bitchy.

Sigh...it's just been a really long day, and it's absurdly hot here for October. 45 more minutes, though, and I'm going to happy hour ("Martinis and Manicures"—it's like a cattle call, actually, with 30 nail techs and scads of drunk female professionals. And martinis. I know you're jealous.) and then I'm packing for my weekend away.

About that; I likely will post from away, since I'll be on a college campus with no shortage of free internet access. I have to post, at least, when I get my LSAT score. Oh, I won't be disclosing it....I'll just crow or weep, whichever is appropriate.

Unless LSAC didn't lie when they said the 25th. In which case, enjoy the weekend, duckies!