--> divine angst: healthy or just stupid?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

healthy or just stupid?

In an attempt to reverse my recent habit of poor nutrition, I offset my cheese bagel with an Odwalla drink this morning. I chose the one with "a full meal's worth of protein, and 190% of your daily requirement of folic acid."

Folic acid is good, and I am of childbearing age, so I should probably get more of it. Plus, it was made with soy milk and vanilla—yum!

No. NOT yum. In fact, the antithesis of yum. Chalky shit. Tastes like Milk of Magnesia, but with vanilla instead of wanna-be mintiness. Mind you, I still drank the thing because my body needs to know what healthy, nutritious food/drink tastes like, but I dreaded every sip.

I used to eat well. When I lived alone, I made myself healthy meals most nights; when Mr. Angst wasn't taking night classes, I cooked wholesome, well-balanced meals all the time. Now, I'm lucky if I have a peanut butter sandwich and some Ruffles.

I need to master cooking in advance, and stock my freezer with wholesome well-balanced casseroles. I just hate frozen food and our freezer makes everything that comes out of it smell vaguely like fish.