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Monday, November 01, 2004

inappropriate lunches

An Open Letter to Whoever is Responsible for that Smell:

Dear Friend,

I bet you were really excited about your leftover [enchiladas, meat chili, taco salad] that you brought into work today. And of course, you should have been! Food made with chili powder is a good thing.

However, chili powder can sometimes, particularly when reheated in the office microwave, smell like B.O. And now our entire office suite smells like B.O. (Of course, I realized this smell could not be B.O. when I noted that it extended throughout the suite. No one needs a shower that badly. But the back of my throat could use some respite from the spice in the air.)

Friend, on behalf of the dozen or so people who share this space with you, I ask sincerely and graciously: Please do not bring these kinds of leftovers again.