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Thursday, November 04, 2004


All of my recommenders now have the same deadline. Next Friday, November 12. I hear rumors on the evil boards that LSAC has been taking WEEKS to process letters. I hope this will not be the case for mine. Theoretically, they'll all arrive at the same time, since they're all coming from the same city, and I won't have to worry about which letters get sent to schools first or second or third.

Meanwhile, I obviously did NO work on my apps on Tuesday night. Not only was it election night, but Mr. Angst also skipped class that night, so we spent some rare weeknight time together. A much better way to spend the evening than hunched over a monitor, I'll tell you what.

But tonight...well, tonight I'm pretty sure he won't skip class again. That will leave me with a choice between watching Joey (snort) or doing some actual work. I think I'll polish up my apps and try to send off my top choices.

It'll feel good to actually be a law school applicant. Right now, I kind of feel like I did in ninth grade when I had told everyone in eight grade we were moving to another city, and then we didn't and I showed up on that first day of high school and everyone looked at me like I'd just been telling tales and hadn't followed through. (Not like fourteen-year-old me could have followed through on such a thing, but, hey, fourteen-year olds aren't always rational.)