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Monday, November 08, 2004

this weekend

Barbecue! Lots and lots of barbecue. And then beer. All good things.

One of the best football games I have ever been to. The crowd was going CRAZY! Absolutely amazing.

Also: ran into a friend whose wife is a 1L. He says he's proud of her because she's really doing this law school thing and enjoying it. She does, however, "study all the time." I'm going to assume when he says "study" he means "read." I've always been mystified by the varied uses of the word "study" in a school context. To me, studying is review—going over material in preparation for an exam. Reading is preparing for class. Of course, there's also writing and research, but those aren't studying either. Maybe this is just me. How do you think of the word "study"? Is it an exam-specific thing or do you study all the time? Maybe she is studying—she's done the reading, the writing, and the research, and she's reviewing it all in case she gets called on in class. Or maybe he means that she's already working on her outlines. I don't know. Any thoughts?

Beautiful music in church—a cool, bizarre, big piece by Benjamin Britten, and then a lovely motet by Stanford. Followed up by buttermilk pancakes, made by yours truly. And then, because I was in a cooking mood and I have a new food processor, I made red sauce from a new recipe (note to self: reduce amount of sugar, because sauce was a little sweet), then a spaghetti bake (browned ground sirloin folded into red sauce, tossed with spaghetti and layered, like a lasagna, with shredded mozarella). Yum.

And now it's a new week. Letters of recommendation will hopefully be mailed on Friday. Until then, it's life as usual.