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Thursday, November 11, 2004

things seem to be going my way...i think

My last letter, the one written by my current boss, will be sent out tomorrow. (I didn't even have to remind him of the deadline! He's good...)

So now I can stop fretting about whether or not the letters will be sent and start tearing my hair out over how long I know LSAC is going to take to process them.

I have until, approximately, November 26 to continue to work on my apps through LSAC on the Web. This is because, stupidly, you can only access the online system for 30 days after registering for it. I don't really understand that system. What I think will probably happen in my case is that I will end up transmitting electronically four or five of my apps; I'll print the others and send them by mail. Sigh. I wonder if it wouldn't be quicker, in some ways, for me to just send them all by mail.