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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

argh angst

Well, I was doing pretty well with not fretting or stressing about my applications not being in yet. Or, at least, I thought I was doing well with that. But considering Mr. Angst has asked me every day for the last three days what's wrong with me, I think I should reevaluate my stress level.

Honestly, I'm freaked out. I wouldn't be—or I say I wouldn't be—if my LSAT score had been 2 points higher. I wouldn't be if LSAC were processing letters of recommendation quickly. In other words, I wouldn't be freaked out if I weren't so worried that my LSAT schore and application delay were going to kill my chances of getting into the schools I want to go to.

Tonight I talked to my best friend for a while, and explained the whole stupid letter of recommendation holdup on my applications and how I was truly worried that all this waiting would completely destroy my getting into my top schools. And she said, "You know what they say about the guy who graduates at the bottom of his law school class? They say he has a law degree. You'll be fine no matter where you go."

And I know she's right. But I am so nervous right now! Nervous that I won't get into a good school, nervous that the schools I get into won't be good enough for me to actually enter legal academia. And it's getting me down. I need to snap out of it and I don't really know how right now. (It doesn't help that I stepped on the scale today and realized that the yoga classes I haven't been going to and the gym trips I've been skipping have not been good for me.)

So I'm worried-nervous-fretful and feel fat. Basically, I'm down.