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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A list

  1. OU got spanked by the Trojans. Go USC! OU sucks.
  2. My car is about to roll over to 100,000 miles. I am keeping the camera in the car for the occasion.
  3. Another car-related note: I had the air filter changed with my last oil change, and suddenly my gas goes a lot further/farther. Note to self: buy five air filters at $10 each and change them whenever you are convinced the neighbors are siphoning gas from your car.
  4. Those little cans of Diet Coke? Cute, yes? Also slippery. Especially when trying to hold on to one as you are juggling a
    briefcase-sized purse, two sets of keys, and sunglasses when getting in the car. (Somehow this item became car related, too. Sucky.)
  5. Cold front on the way. Hurrah!
  6. First week back at work. Number of hours worked so far: 20. Number of hours spent in meetings: 3. Number of hours of meetings planned for this afternoon: 2. I predict 10 hours of meetings by the end of the week.