--> divine angst: why being a worker bee sucks

Monday, July 19, 2004

why being a worker bee sucks

worker bees have no authority. what do i mean by authority? merriam-webster online says:

"2 a: power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior b: freedom granted by one in authority."

i have none of that. i do not influence anything, except where i know something about technology that my boss does not. i have no decision-making power. i am given materials created by someone who presumably has more knowledge than i do, told to develop said materials (conforming always to house style), and then, am often told my choices of display or organization are not appropriate, and could i please just change them to this other way? who decides the other way? someone with authority. what do i not have? freedom to make my own decisions granted by that someone in authority.

an appellate lawyer i know insists that she, too, is a worker bee. i doubt her definition of worker bee matches mine, since she's never actually worked in any sort of administrative or development position. i am sure she has policies to uphold, firm procedures to follow, and directions to adhere to. but when she is given a client, she is their lawyer and she has some freedom to direct the firm's services to that individual.

not my definition of worker bee.